Want to read a great book inspired by the Bar 20 foreman
Hopalong Cassidy? Susie Coffman has written a
wonderful book of short stories and poems called    
FOLLOW YOUR STARS inspired by her hero William
Boyd and his love for his wife Grace. Hard cover with
423 pages and B/W photos.
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Music and Memories of Hopalong Cassidy   

This eBook by Roger Hall celebrates the first Hopalong Cassidy
western in 1935. Included in the eBook are chapters devoted to his
Hoppy memories from TV shows; Hopalong Cassidy on phonograph
records; favorite songs in Hoppy films; music directors, composers
and singing groups in the films; plus descriptions of several Hopalong
Cassidy Festivals in Cambridge OH between 1995
and 2000. In one chapter there is a discussion of The King's Men,
who appeared in several Hoppy films. Also included in the eBook are
50 great photos, many in full color.

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William 'Hopalong Cassidy' Boyd
Special thanks to Susie Coffman for lending some great pictures for this page!
At last, Grace Bradley Boyd has co-authored her
memoirs about her life with William Boyd, better known
to millions of fans as Hopalong Cassidy.

Only three weeks after their first meeting, Grace became Mrs.
William Boyd in 1937. From the day of her wedding until Bill's
death in 1972, they were together virtually all of the time. She tells
the story of the Hoppy movies in the 1930s and 1940s, the decline
of western films in the late 1940s, and how Bill set out to acquire
all the rights to the Hopalong Cassidy films and even the name to
become one of the biggest stars of early television.  
This new book will be the definitive account of William Boyd and
Hopalong Cassidy, published as a deluxe hardcover coffee-table
book in two editions.
The limited edition of only 1000 copies is bound in real leather and
each copy is numbered and signed by Grace Bradley Boyd. The
trade edition (not limited) will be popularly priced and available in
bookstores everywhere and Amazon.com.
Co-authored by Grace Bradley Boyd and Michael Cochran,
published by Russ Cochran through Gemstone Publishing.
For more information call:  1-800-322-7978
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Who owns the painting today? Where is this painting now? Do you know? No one seems to know
what became of this painting, but I'd love to find out...  Please send me an email! Thanks!
Dorothy commissioned California artist Warren Newcombe to paint this
picture of Bill Boyd in his role as Feodor from the movie "The Volga Boatman".
This painting is called "Bill Boyd, Movie Star" measures 80 inches x 48 inches
and it was completed in December of 1932.
The mystery of the missing painting commissioned by Dorothy Sebastian
In the 1940's the painting was sold as part and parcel along with the Malibu
Hills house and all of it's furnishings because at this time William Boyd was
trying to get together enough cash to purchase the rights to the Hopalong
Cassidy character.
info @ dorothysebastian.com
A unique and rare photo of
William Boyd and Veronica Lake
skiing in NYC's Central Park!